Season 7, Episode 1 (Episode 165)
Date: 10/17/1957


Terry Carter as Gabriel


Directed by: George Schaefer

Also Starring: William Warfield, Eddie Anderson, Frederick O'Neal, Earl Hyman

Terry's Character: Gabriel

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: In the deep South, an African American schoolteacher relates incidents from the Bible to her students. Through a series of vignettes seen through the eyes of the teacher and her students, vivid dramatizations of the biblical tales of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and Babylon are presented in a wondrous Bayou-like land.

This landmark Hall of Fame presentation won wide acclaim for the outstanding performances of its all-African American cast. Although Roark Bradford's original play presented a limited depiction of the Black experience, television audiences and critics alike deservedly lauded the program's sterling ensemble of players. Television critic Jack Gould of the New York Times hailed the entry as "an unforgettable ninety minutes, deeply moving and vastly entertaining" and declared, "The entire cast was inspired." Gould also praised the dynamic work of lead Walliam Warfield as "a magnificent achievement," further nothing, "In his performance there was a majesty [and] compassion."

Note: This film was nominated for 3 Emmys in 1958: Best Single Program of the Year, George Schaefer (director) for Best Direction - One Hour or More and Marc Connelly (writer) for Best Teleplay Writing - One Hour or More.