Year: 2001 (Telefilm / 4 part Miniseries)


Terry Carter as Texas Slim

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Directed by: Harald Zwart

Also Starring: Peter Stormare, Lena Olin, Mark Hamill, Mats Långbacka

Terry's Character: Texas Slim

Genre: Action / Crime

Plot Summary: Hamilton follows the exploits of Swedish super-agent Carl Hamilton and stars Mark Hamill as the villain. The CIA discovers a stolen missile being routed through the Arctic by Russian rebels. Since they plan to smuggle it into Sweden, the Swedish secret service is called in. After Hamilton (Peter Stormare) and his men kill the smugglers, Hamilton realizes it was a set-up, since another missile went into Sweden. He follows the trail to Murmansk where he meets ex-CIA operative Mike Hawkins (Hamill) -- and the search continues in Stockholm, and Washington, before the final confrontation in Libya.

Notes: When shown as a 4 part Miniseries, Terry stars in episode 1 and 4. A shorter version of this movie was also brought out in 1998 for cinema.