Season 1, Episode 5
Date: 4/8/1988


Directed by: Rob Bowman

Also Starring: Sam J. Jones, Mark 'Jacko' Jackson, Jane Badler, Tim Russ

Terry's Character: Lt. Broadside

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

Plot Summary: Edward Travers has gone back in time through a time gap to prevent the detonation of the first atomic bomb - which also created the gap - and end the atomic age just before it has even begun. Winthrop follows him to frustrate his plan. As she hasn't returned after 48 hours Highway and Jetto follow her not knowing where they will end up. Back in 1945 the two futuristic looking people and their truck get more attention than they actually need. The goal now is to find out the whereabout of Winthrop and to let Travers plan fail. But what is Travers's plan, how will he reach his goal?

Notes: This again is a reunion of Battlestar Galactica cast and crew. The series was created and produced by Glen Larson, produced by Leslie Stevens, had music by Stu Phillips and guest starred many of Battlestar Galactica's main cast like Anne Lockhart, George Murdock and Kent McCord (of Galactica 1980)

This episode also guest stars J.D. Cannon who played next to Terry for years as Peter B. Clifford on the series McCloud and Lloyd Bochner who played Commandant Leiter on the Battlestar Galactica episodes "Greetings From Earth" and "Baltar's Escape."