Year: 2002




Produced and Directed by: Terry Carter

Edited by: Beate Glatved DeCoste

A Production of: Council for Positive Images, Inc.

Commissioned by: The Library of Congress

Genre: Documentary

Plot Summary: The late Katherine Dunham (1909 - 2006) was the anthropologist, dancer and choreographer who introduced African-diaspora movements to American dance theater.

During the 1930's, she immersed herself in the dance traditions of the Caribbean and incorporated many of their essential characteristics into her choreography. While building the Dunham Dance Company, Katherine Dunham perceived a pressing need for the creation of a new dance technique.

To enable her dancers to master her complex new dance vocabulary, Ms. Dunham developed a series of exercises which evolved into an important dance methodology: It grew to become a major influence on the dance theater of the Western world.

An overview of the different techniques (including trailers) can be found here: The Library of Congress - Katherine Dunham Technique