Year: 1985



Produced and Directed by: Terry Carter

A Production of: Council for Positive Images, Inc.

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: This dramatic television miniseries consisting of 5 half-hour segments was designed for public broadcasting to promote interracial and interethnic understanding among adolescents. K*I*D*S is the story of a multi-racial group of teenagers struggling to cope with some of the adult-sized conflicts confronting youth in America today. Sexual assault, suicide, pollution, juvenile delinquency, and parental estrangement are all themes of this series.

K*I*D*S is designed for adolescent audiences, ages 12 through 15. K*I*D*S are also the call letters of the fictitious radio station that is the setting for the action.


Episode One - "Story of Liz": A young girl from a strict home tries to end her life after having been sexually assaulted by a stranger.

Episode Two - "Liz Fights Back": Liz helps to track down and confront her assailant, playing a key role in his arrest and incarceration.

Episode Three - "Pollution Solution": Suzanne discovers that her father's employer is the town's most notorious polluter. She joins a campaign against the company and urges her father to face the facts about his work.

Episode Four - "Fire for Hire": Billy learns that there are consequences when he accepts a "job" without asking questions. He brings tragedy upon the lives of others by trying to keep up with a peer.

Episode Five - "Family Reunion": Tien discovers that her mother lied to her about Tien's father having been killed in the war. Tien does some detective work to try to locate him, despite her mother's resistance.


K*I*D*S was funded by the US Department of Education and telecast nationwide on PBS. Winning the endorsement of the National Education Association, K*I*D*S, accompanied by a Teachers' Guide, was also distributed on videocassette to thousands of secondary schools throughout the United States.

Notes: K*I*D*S received an Emmy Award in 1985 in Los Angeles as "Best Series for Children and Youth."