L.A. Times: May 23,1978
by unknown


WASHINGTON - Actor Terry Carter wasn't following a script when he chased a man through Washington's streets and helped make an arrest.

It only seemed like old times for Carter, who for seven years played New York City Detective Joe Broadhurst on the McCloud television series.

"I really had no choice," Carter said after the incident Monday night. "I got carried away."

Carter, on business for a film production company he operates, was in his car when a man ran from a restaurant followed by a woman yelling "Stop, thief!"

Carter drove after the man, running red lights, cutting off cars and jumping curbs, police said.

When the man boarded a citybus, Carter stopped the vehicle with his car, went aboard, seized the man and placed him in his car, but the man bolted toward the Greyhound bus terminal.

Carter said he then moved his car against the curb and grabbed the than again. Carter took him back to the restaurant and called the police.

The man, identified as Oscar Lee Johnson, 22, of Washington, was arrested and charged with robbery for stealing a purse.