Screenheroes Interview
GALACTICA.TV website: September 23, 2005
by Marcel Damen and Mike Egnor

A Conversation with Terry Carter: Col. Tigh from Battlestar Galactica!
Galactic Alliance: September 1998 (pp. 6-7, 24-25)
by Drew Michaels

Beyond Galactica - Terry Carter
PEOPLE Online: June 1998
by Maria Ciaccia

American Masters Takes the 'A' Train
The New York Times: July 1988
by Elvis Mitchell

After 26 Years In Show Biz Terry Carter Tells It like It Is!
Right On! magazine: January 1979
by Shell Slaton



Nerosubianco / Black On White
Tinto Brass website: March 2002
by Ranjit Sandhu

Preserving The Legacy Of Katherine Dunham
Dance Magazine: November 1999
by Nancy G. Moore

A Look at Ellington
The New York Times: July 18, 1988
by John J. O'Connor

Seek U.S. Business Aid For Film Industry Blacks
JET: October 17, 1983
by unknown

Black TV series would be set in city
The Plain Dealer: April 26, 1983
by William Hickey

Pilot of TV series with black actors will be shot here
The Plain Dealer: April 22, 1983
by Don Bean

Terry Carter
Skyway News, Tuesday Edition: December 4, 1979 (pp.18)
by Steve Kaufman

McCloud's Sidekick Captures Real-Life Thief After Daring Car Chase
Enquirer: February 6, 1979
by Ron Caylor

Sgt. Broadhurst Role Playing
Washington Post, Editorial: May, 1978
by unknown

Carter, The Actor, In D.C. Catches A Real Crook
Variety: May 24,1978
by unknown

Not In Script: TV Cop Pursues Real-Life Crook
L.A. Times: May 23,1978
by unknown

Stage Review Sortilegio
Hollywood Reporter: February 20, 1975
by Jay Arnold

Review Abby
Variety: January 1, 1975
by Mack

TV The Wasteland
The News, Framingham - Natick: Saturday October 29, 1966
by Doug Brandon

Democratic State Convention
The Boston Herald: June 3, 1966
by Joseph T. Sullivan

BesTView in Town: Ch. 4 Hires Negro Actor
The Boston Globe: July 1965
by Anthony La Camera

Hilda Simrns Heads Fall Company Of "A Streetcar Named Desire"
New York Herald Tribune: July 14, 1958
by unknown

Williams Drama To Star Simms
New York Journal - American: July 14, 1958
by unknown

Producers Casting "Streetcar" With Negroes in Leads
New York Post: July 14, 1958
by unknown

Negroes Slated For "Streetcar"
New York Times: July 14, 1958
by Arthur Gelb



Robert Lewis on Kwamina
Slings and Arrows: Theatre in my Life (Chapter 19, "The Sixties", pp. 297)
by Robert Lewis



Why I made "A Duke Named Ellington"
February 4, 2007
by Terry Carter

Letter to the Editor: "White Man's Burden"
International Herald Tribune: January 28, 1994
by Terry Carter

Congressional Testimony
September 19, 1983
Addressing the Congressional Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Washington, D.C.
by Terry Carter, President, META-4 Productions, Inc.

Letter to the Editor: "Exception"
New York Herald Tribune: July 6, 1963
by Terry Carter

Notes During A Rehearsal Break
Courier: August 19, 1961
by Terry Carter (Guest Columnist)