Date: 12/1/1954 - 2/26/1955 (101 Performances)

Location: National Theatre


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Produced by: Leonard Sillman

Book by: Greer Johnson & Charles Sebree

Directed by: Guthrie McClintic

Music by: James Shelton

Also Starring: Eartha Kitt, Ruth Attaway, Vinie Burrows, Helen Dowdy, Enid Markey, Avon Long

Terry's Character: Willie B. Brayboy - male lead

Genre: Play / Musical / Original

Plot Summary: Eartha Kitt plays "Teddy", the teenaged daughter of a woman who works as a servant for an aristocratic Southern White lady. Teddy’s mother brings home her employer’s cast-off clothing, which Teddy dons and day-dreams of living an elegant life. Teddy’s boyfriend, Willie B., entices her to run away north to a better life.

In between, Eartha Kitt gets a chance to sing several songs.

Notes: Eartha Kitt was nominated for a Tony Award for her part on this play. She was also once part of Katherine Dunham's famed dancing troupe.

This is was the first play by a Black playwright ever to be produced on Broadway.