Year: 1969

aka: Nero Su Bianco
aka: Black on White
aka: Attraction
aka: The Artful Penetration of Barbara


Terry Carter as American

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Directed by: Tinto Brass

Also Starring: Anita Sanders, Nino Segurini, Umberto Di Grazia

Terry's Character: American

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: Before directing Salon Kitty and moving into the erotic style of film making that he is more known for, director Tinto Brass made a series of movies (including L'urlo and Col cuore in gola) that can only be called "pop art". This one follows a beautiful young woman (Anita Sanders) who, after being dropped off in the park by what seems to be her husband, spends the day wandering the city where she is sometimes pursued by a black man who she seems to have an interest in despite her reluctance to confront him. On her trip director Tinto Brass sneaks in statements on politics, racism, hippies, war, sexuality, conformity and other topical subjects through the use of disjointed editing, stock footage, psychedelia, and music from the UK rock group The Freedom (not to be confused with the similarly named American band Freedom) who pop in and out performing the movie's groovy score. This is certainly a movie for someone enjoying nonsensical, train-of-thought plotless counterculture type films and anyone not liking that kind of thing would probably wanna steer clear. Radley Metzger released the film in the US through his Audobon distributing group as The Artful Penetration of Barbara.