Season 3, Episode 3 (Episode 89)
Date: 10/9/1958


Directed by: Tom Donovan

Starring: Jackie Gleason

Also Starring: Bert Freed, Bobby Van, Lynne Forrester, Ray McHugh

Terry's Character: Wesley

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: The scene is a San Francisco dive known as Nick's Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant, and Entertainment Palace. Strolling in and out, and revealing details of their lives and loves, is a motley collection of people. Some are nice, some are not; some are down on their luck, but not on their cheerfulness. At the center of the action that begins to evolve is a philosophical gent named Joe.

Notes: This episode had an all star cast. Next to comedian Jackie Gleason, also Dick York and Gloria Vanderbilt, James Barton (star of Tobacco Road), Jack Klugman (star of Quincy), Dina Merrill, Betsy Palmer, and Steve Franken starred in this episode.