In 1953 Terry Carter added a new dimension to his acting career when he produced the off-Broadway play of George Tabori’s The Emperor’s New Clothes. He would again produce an off-Broadway play of George Bernard Shaw’s A Village Wooing in 1955. But it isn't until 1975 when Terry founded Meta-4 Productions, Inc., a small Los Angeles production company, through which he produced and directed more than one hundred industrial and educational films and videos for public broadcasting and for virtually every agency of the federal government.

Wanting to enhance intercultural and interethnic understanding through audiovisual communication, Terry forms the Council for Positive Images, Inc., (CPI) a non-profit organization of which he is still president, in 1979. Under the Council's auspices, he has produced and directed award-winning dramatic and documentary programs for PBS, focusing on cultural and historical topics. Like the Los Angeles Emmy Award winning dramatic miniseries K*I*D*S in 1985, the story of a multi-racial group of teenagers struggling to cope with some of the adult-sized conflicts confronting youth in America today.

Terry combines the Council's ambition and his love for jazz in the Emmy-nominated TV musical documentary A Duke Named Ellington about the life and work of pianist, composer, bandleader and jazz legend Duke Ellington (this documentary was released on DVD in 2007). This was followed by JazzMasters, a series of video portraits of twelve great jazz artists for TV2 Denmark.

In 1992, Terry started research and development on a documentary for PBS about African-American anthropologist, dancer, and choreographer Katherine Dunham, whose show-stopping performances greatly influenced the evolution of American dance theatre. Katherine Dunham: Dancing with Life is about her extraordinary life and work and. In 2001, Terry was commissioned by the Library of Congress to create Katherine Dunham Technique, a dance technique presentation as part of the Library's Katherine Dunham Legacy series.

What now follows is a résumé of Terry Carter's work as a producer:



Katherine Dunham Technique (2002)
Katherine Dunham: Dancing with Life (2002)
Lighthouse To Go (1991)
Once Upon A Vision (1990)
JazzMasters (1988) - 12-part series
A Duke Named Ellington (1988)

"The Shaping of America" - 80 short film documentaries on the social and historical development of the nation. Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.

"The Bottom Line" - Short film starring Dick Van Patten as host-narrator, promoting export assistance of U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service. U.S. Department of Commerce.

"The Visit" - Video short introducing young people to the Gary, Indiana Environmental Education Center. National Park Service.

"It's Getting Tough" - Series of television public service spots discouraging drinking and driving. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

"New York Cabbie": "Where's the Line; Face the Music" - Promotional television public service announcements. U. S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

"Social Security Is Here To Stay" - Series of public relations television spots. Social Security Administration.

"New Legislation" - TV public service announcements. United States Postal Service (English & Spanish versions).

"Second Opinion" - TV public service announcements starring Betty White. U.S. Health and Human Services Administration.

"Think Before You Drink" - Multimedia public service campaign on safe boating. U.S. Coast Guard.

"The Invisible Bridge" - Short promotional film on the benefits of affiliation between V.A. hospitals and universities. Veteran's Administration.

"Following the Harvest" / "Siguiendo la Cosecha" - Educational film on farm labor laws. U.S. Department of Labor (English & Spanish versions).

Child Abuse and Neglect Series: "Sexual Abuse"; "Investigations"; "Working Together"; "Medical Witness" - 4 films dealing the U.S. Office of Child Development, Department of Health and Human Services.



K*I*D*S (1985) - 5-part miniseries

"Let George Do It" - Short dramatic film highlighting rehabilitation services offered by Social Security. Social Security Administration.

"Giving Testimony at an OSHA Hearing" - Courtroom drama for training federal compliance officers. U.S. Department of Labor.

"Benson: U.S. Goes To Market" - Savings Bond promotional film featuring Robert Guillaume and the entire cast of the hit TV show. U.S. Treasury.

"Zip + 4: The Case for Code" - Four-part dramatic film series starring Mariette Hartley, for the U.S. Postal Service.

Child Abuse and Neglect Series: "Medical Witness" - Dramatized film dealing the U.S. Office of Child Development, Department of Health and Human Services (This is part of a 4 film series).



Time of Storm (1955) - producer
A Village Wooing (1955) - producer
The Emperor’s New Clothes (1953) - producer



Emmy Awards (1989)
Nominated: Outstanding Informational Special
A Duke Named Ellington

Bulgarian International TV Festival (1989)
Awarded: First Prize
A Duke Named Ellington

CINE Golden Eagle (1989)
A Duke Named Ellington

The Golden Antenna (1989)
A Duke Named Ellington

Emmy Awards Los Angeles (1985)
Awarded: "Best Series for Children and Youth"

Greater Miami International Film Festival (1978)
Awarded: The Bronze Venus Medallion
New Legislation (short film for the U.S Postal Service)

Los Angeles Film Review Board (1977)
Awarded: Award for Excellence
a four-film series on Child Abuse & Neglect
(for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)



Citation (January 30, 1987)
Meharry Medical College
Film and Commercial: "Meharry/Hubbard -- People Who Care"

Appreciation (January 30, 1987)
Meharry Medical College

Resolution (April 21, 1983)
Cuyahoga County Commissioners
"The Letter of the Law"

Resolution (April 20, 1983)
Cleveland Municipal Court
"The Letter of the Law"

Treasury Note (March 22, 1983)
Department of the Treasury

Recognition (May 1979)
Hollywood-Wilshire Fair Housing Council and
Los Angeles Community Development Department
Outstanding Voluntary Service

Acknowledgement (1975)
The National Academy of Televison Arts and Sciences
The Black Performer: "From Here to Where"



Past and Present

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (twice elected to Board of Governors)
Actors Equity Association
American Federation of Musicians, Local 802
American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers
Black Documentary Collective, NYC
California Motion Picture Development Council, Advisory Commission
Capital Press Club
Dansk Skuespillerforbund (Danish Actors Guild)
Directors Guild of America
Independent Feature Project
International Documentary Association
Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center - Board of Directors
Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce
Media Forum - Co-founder
National Association of Black Journalists
Norsk Skuespillerforbund (Norwegian Actors Guild)
Pan American Health Organization - Media Development Committee
Screen Actors Guild
World Music Productions - Board of Directors
Washington DC - Mayor's Advisory Committee on Entertainment



Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
- Documentary Film Nominating Committee, Oscar Awards
- Foreign Film Nominating Committee, Oscar Awards
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Blue Ribbon Panels, Emmy Awards
Corporation for Public Broadcasting ("CPB")
- Media Review Panel
- Blue Ribbon Panel, Public Television Local Program Awards
- Children's Programming Awards Committee
Golden Antenna International TV Festival - Blue Ribbon Jury
National Association of Broadcasters - Crystal Awards Panel
National Endowment for the Arts - Media Review Panel
National Endowment for the Humanities - Media Review Panel



Progress and Prognosis in Programming - keynote speaker
NPR Black History Celebration
Washington, DC (1992)

Cultural Diversity in American Dramatic TV - chongqing
International TV Drama Conference
People's Republic of China (1991)

Independent TV Production in America
University of Chengdu
People's Republic of China (1991)

Harnessing History in Documentary Filmmaking
Sichuan Television Studios
People's Republic of China (1991)

Reality-based Programming and The Documentary Tradition
Beijing Broadcasting Institute
Shenyang TV
People's Republic of China (1991)

Musical Documentaries: An Examination of the Genre
Beijing Music Conservatory
People's Republic of China (1991)
Hong Kong Baptist College
School of Communications (1991)

Deregulation and Community Reinvestment - testimony
House Telecommunications Subcommittee
Congressional Hearings On Minority Participation In Media
Washington, D.C. (September 19, 1983)
Serial No. 98-93, pp. 107-110

Walking the Tightrope in TV News - keynote speaker
National Ass'n of Black Journalists Conference
Washington, DC (1981)

Hollywood as Misinterpreter and Mythifier of the Black Past
African American Museum Association Annual Conference
Chicago, IL (1980)

Audience Response and Television Accountability - keynote speaker
National Youth Conference
NAACP Annual Convention
Louisville, KY (1979)

Pathways, Pit Stops and Pitfalls in a Communications Career
Loyola Marymount University
School of Communications
Los Angeles, CA (1977)

The Drama as a Social Force - guest lecturer
Northeastern University
Drama Department
Boston, MA (1966)