The Boston Herald: June 3, 1966
by Joseph T. Sullivan


WBZ-TV, CHANNEL 4, announces that it will utilize a l7-man news team to cover the Democratic State Convention 'live' from the War Memorial Auditorium beginning Friday, June 10 at 2 p.m.

Newsmen Arch McDonald and Gene Pell will be anchormen with newsmen Jack Chase, Jack Borden, Terry Carter and newswoman Shelby Scott, assisted by other reporters, to rove the platform and floor interviewing candidates and delegates.

Carter should be especially interesting to watch. His delivery is excellent but equally important, and perhaps more so, he is an aggressive reporter.

In interviews we've seen him conduct, his questions have been direct, to the point, and he is not above whacking away hard when the guy on the other end is playing cute or evasive.