Season 3, Episode 22 (Episode 82)
Date: 2/272/1969


Directed by: Richard Kinon

Also Starring: Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Lew Parker

Terry's Character: Joseph (J.J.) Johnson

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Plot Summary: While shopping in a neighborhood grocery, Ann witnesses a young black boy be scolded by the store clerk for stealing a candy bar. When he insists his mother is in the store and will pay for it, he points out Ann as his mom. Ann protects him, pays for the candy, and then brings him home with her. When he tells her he lives on Park Avenue, she does not believe him, so he invents a story of 13 brothers and sisters, fat rats, life in a dirty tenament, and a father who beats him. Appalled, Ann goes so far as to decide to adopt him! A more sensible Donald wants her to call the police, and while they discuss it, the boy calls his wealthy father to tell him he's been kidnapped by a crazy white lady!