Variety: May 24,1978
by unknown


Washington, May 23 - Terry Carter, who played the role of detective Joe Broadhurst on the tv series McCloud, put in a real life performance here this week that had local police officers admiring his technique.

On business for a film production company he operates, Carter was parked at a downtown intersection when he spotted a purse snatcher bolt from a restaurant with a bellowing woman in hot pursuit. Carter gave chase and caught up with the man aboard a city bus but when the actor tried to put him in his own car the man ran again.

The chase continued by car through red lights and traffic. Carter caught up with the man at a bus terminal, jumped from his car and caught him again. This time he returned him to the restaurant, where police were called to make the arrest.

"I guess I'm still playing that role of a policeman ," said Carter following compliments from police.