Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot)
Date: 8/4/1994


Terry Carter as Dr. Carter Reeves

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Directed by: James Hayman

Also Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Richard Burgi, Elsie Sniffen, Ogie Zulueta

Terry's Character: Dr. Carter Reeves

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: Forensics expert, Dr. Dawn Holliday (Holli) and her escort, Tom Haber, travel to Hawaii for their vacation. During their stay, Tom is killed and Holli becomes involved in an investigation of a stolen body parts ring. Holli is is hired away from the Los Angeles Coroner's office to be the State of Hawaii's new Medical Examiner. With a jurisdiction which stretches from the Hawaiian Islands to American Samoa and all points in between, it is a dream assignment, pitting Holli's cutting edge knowledge of Forensic Medicine and Homicide against the explosive world of crime in the burgeoning world of the Pacific Rim.

Using all of those latest forensic skills, thus dominating the headlines in this era of the 'big trial,' Holli often finds herself at odds with the more conventional methods of Honolulu P.D., especially top homicide detective, Lt. Mack Wolfe, with whom she immediately develops a volatile, love-hate relationship.

Notes: This was another series created by Glen Larson