International Herald Tribune: January 28, 1994
by Terry Carter


Regarding "A Judge Finds lie Can't Shake the Burden of Blackness" (Jan. 8) by David Margolick:

I was shocked at the inherent racism in the notion that "blackness," rather than white racism, is a burden. People of color have long had to suffer the patronizing pity of white people who do not realize that they are saying, however inadvertently, how wonderful it would be if only everyone were white.

If the article, instead of dealing with white racism, told of a woman's treatment at the hands of men, would you have dared to use the headline, "A Judge Finds She Can't Shake the Burden of Femininity"? If it were about anti-Semitism, would we expect it to be headed, "A Judge Finds He Can't Shake the Burden of Jewishness"?